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Legislature and Governance 

Legislative & Governance Committee shall: (supervised by the Past-President) Oversees the following Governance responsibilities of the Association:

a) Review the Bylaws; propose and review amendments brought to the Board of Directors;

b) Present proposed amendments at the Annual Business Meeting for discussion and ratification by the Association’s membership;

c) Develop position statements and resolutions for consideration by the Board of Directors; d) Address all Association governing issues (e.g., 501© 3, etc.);
e) Review the Bylaws thoroughly every two (2) years;
f) Submit final copy of revised Bylaws to President to be submitted to NRA;

g) Direct all Legislative activities of the Association, including:
h) Identify and set priority for issues to be included in NAMRC advocacy agenda;

i) Be responsible for reviewing and maintaining information on all federal legislative activity relevant to the mission of NAMRC;

j) Provide assistance in planning, implementing and evaluating legislative policies on federal, state, and local levels relevant to NAMRC’s mission, goals, and objectives;

k) Act as liaison between the NRA governmental affairs activities and the Association;

l) Make recommendations relative to NRA governmental affairs activities; and m) Provide overall guidance for the Association’s legislative program.

To learn more about this committee or how you can become involved, contact Dr. L'Tanya Fish, L&G Chair at

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