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Accountant at Work

Finance  and
Economic Development

The Finance and Economic Development Committee is supervised by the President and is 
composed of the Treasurer, President-Elect, Conference Chair, a NAMRC Member at Large, and a student approved by the Board to serve a two-year term;

1) Be chaired by theAssociation’sTreasurer

  1. 2)  Develop and recommend to the Board the annual budget for the Association;

  2. 3)  Oversee the fiscal integrity of the organization;

  3. 4)  Develop recommendations for fund-raising activities;

  4. 5)  Conduct or arrange for audits of fiscal affairs;

  5. 6)  Work with Standing Committees’ chairs for annual budget line items;

  6. 7)  Work with Annual Conference registration co-chairs and Fundraising Committee;

  7. 8)  Initiate and promote financial activities to provide additional external funding for the

    Association; and

  8. 9)  Overseeallfund-raisingactivitiesregardingtheAssociation.

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