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Coalition Building


This committee will organize and direct ongoing retention and recruitment activities of the Association and work with all entities in and outside of the Association to address membership issues.


The Committee will:

-Monitor the activity of State Chapters and maintain records on State Chapter Presidents, conferences, fundraising activities.

-Work with the Conference Committee and the Public Relations and Marketing Committee to promote membership activities as they relate to NAMRC’s Annual Training Conference.

-Be responsible for keeping the membership brochure and all other membership materials current and accurate in conjunction with Public Relations/Marketing Committee.

- Oversee the Student Outreach which is a sub-committee of the Membership Coalition Development Committee.  '

The Student Outreach Sub-Committee shall:


1)  Be chaired by the Student Representative.

2)  Work with and report to the membership chair on issues relevant to student recruitment, retention and other assigned membership tasks.

3)  Work with the membership committee chair at the Association’s Annual Conference performing membership activities.

4)  Work with the Conference co-chairs to establish a scheduled student meeting and speak with students at the Association’s Annual Conference.

5)  Submit information to NAMRC’s social media avenues to keep student membership informed.


Establish and maintain collaborative relationships with organizations and entities that administer programs/initiatives that are germane to the mission of NAMRC. Entities such as, but not limited to: American Rehabilitation Counseling Association, Consortia of Administrators for Native American Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation Service Administrations, Regional Rehabilitation Continuing Education Programs, Rehabilitation Cultural Diversity Initiative, the Council of State Administrators for Vocational Rehabilitation, National Council on Rehabilitation Education, etc.



Some of the specific activities and products in which this committee has been engaged include:

  • Identifying strategies to engage members in the organizing, planning, and servicing in the mission of the Association.


  • Attending the National Rehabilitation Association membership monthly meetings and training on the use of NRA database.


  • Attending the Association’s monthly board meeting to address membership retention and recruitment issues.


  • Distributing specific information to the NAMRC members about the upcoming annual conference.

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