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Meet The Board

20210928 Profile Keisha Rogers 001Ed.jpg

Keisha G. Rogers 

President (Jan 2023-Dec 2024)

​Keisha has served on the NAMRC Board since 2017 as Secretary, President Elect and now President. She has served as Fundraising Chair and Awards Committee member for the NAMRC Conference. Keisha became a member in 2006 as a master's student  and was selected as NAMRC's Graduate Student Scholarship Award recipient in 2010 while a doctoral student. 


Keisha is an Associate Professor of Rehabilitation Counseling at Winston-Salem State University and is a practicing mental health & substance abuse counselor and clinical supervisor.

WHY NAMRC: "NAMRC provides a venue for students and novice rehabilitation counselors, practitioners and educators to showcase their research and gives all a chance to lead, learn, and better serve BIPOC with disabilities."

FUN FACT:  Keisha collects snow globes from each of the places she visits across the world and gifts them to her daughter. 


Sutton prof. pic.jpg

Courtney Ward-Sutton 
Ph.D.,  CRC

President Elect (Jan 2024-Dec 2024)

2024 Conference Co-Chair

​Courtney is serving her second term on the NAMRC Board  and has been a member since she was a graduate student at North Carolina A&T State University. She also serves as NAMRC's Conference Co-chair and Professional Development Committee Co-Chair.


Courtney is​ currently an Assistant Professor at the University at Buffalo in the Department of Rehabilitation. She completed her Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship at Langston University's 

 RRTC on Research and Capacity Building for Minority Entities.

WHY NAMRC: "NAMRC provides opportunities for diverse individuals to come together with a common purpose and share our ideas and have our voices heard."

FUN FACT: Courtney enjoys collecting different types of Crocs and Croc charms. She has amassed a huge collection of over 100 charms and a dozen pairs. 



Kelsey R. Webb 

Secretary (Jan 2023-Dec 2024)

Public Relations & Marketing Chair


Kelsey is serving her first term on the NAMRC Board and has been a member since 2018. Kelsey also chairs the Marketing & Public Relations Committee and serves on the Legislative & Governance Committee.


Kelsey is currently an Assistant Professor of Counselling at Tarleton State University and recently completed a Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship at Langston University's  Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (RRTC) on Research and Capacity Building for Minority Entities.

WHY NAMRC:"I am passionate about NAMRC because it allows those who are often underrepresented to have a space to discuss and find solutions to navigate systemic issues."

FUN FACT:  Kelsey's favorite pastime activity is shopping.


Head Shot - Felicia Hunter.jpg

Felicia Hunter
MS Administration, BSW

Treasurer (Jan 2024-Dec 2025)

Felicia ​serves as Treasurer on the Board and Chair of the Finance Committee. 

Felicia is the Chief Mission Officer and Executive Vice President of Employment & Training at Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit. 


WHY NAMRC:"I am passionate about NAMRC’s mission for its relevant embrace of diversity, equity and inclusion for aspiring student leaders, practitioners, educators, advocates, partners and consumers of quality rehabilitation services."

FUN FACT:  Felicia has a one year old Shitzu puppy named Ace.



Michell L. Temple

Past President (Jan 2023-Dec 2024)

Michelle has served on NAMRC Board since 2015 as a Board member, President-Elect, President., and now Past President.

Michelle is as an Assistant Professor of Counseling at Denver Seminary and a private practice Rehabilitation and Mental Health counselor, educator, and supervisor at Temple Renovation Center, LLC. 

WHY NAMRC: "I am passionate about NAMRC’s  mission because it provides members an identifiable pathway to positively change the landscape of rehabilitation counseling."

FUN FACT:  Michelle loves playing laser tag with her family.



L'Tanya "Terrye" Fish

Representative to the NRA Board (Jan 2022-Dec 2024)

Legislative & Governance Chair


Terrye is serving a second term as Representative to the NRA Board. She has also served the Board as Conference Co-chair, Membership & Coalition Building Chair, and as a member of the Legislative & Governance Committee.


​Terrye has worked at Winston-Salem State University as an adjunct Professor within the Master of Science Rehabilitation Counseling program since February 2009. In 2008, Terrye retired from the State of North Carolina with 30 years of services in the Dept. of  VR Services as State Coordinator for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.


WHY NAMRC:" I am passionate about NAMRC’s mission."

FUN FACT:  Terrye collects a variety of creative eyewear.



Cecilia Hagley

NAMRC Student Representative (Jan 2023- Dec 2024)


Cecilia is serving her first  term on the NAMRC Board and  became a member of NAMRC in 2021.


​Cecilia is employed as a Rehabilitation Counselor Trainee with the NC Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services. She is a graduate student in the MSRC program at Winston-Salem State University with a concentration in Clinical Mental Health.

Cecilia is the Drs. L. Robert McConnell & Eddie Glenn-Bryant Student Scholarship Award recipient presented at the 2022 NAMRC Annual Conference. 

​​WHY NAMRC: "I have been able to participate in various conferences and workshops  highlight the importance of ensuring that the profession is ethical and culturally inclusive."


​​FUN FACT: In her spare time, Cecilia enjoys creating charcuterie boards for her friends and family. 




Brenda Taft 
Ed.D.,  CRC

Financial Secretary (Jan 2023-Dec 2024)

​​Brenda has been connected to NAMRC since 1995 as a doctoral student. She has served NAMRC as a Board  Member,  Membership Committee Chair, Conference Co-chair, Conference Program Chair and  represented NAMRC as Commissioner on the Council on Rehabilitation Education Commission on Standards & Accreditation. 

​Brenda has over 20 years of experience in State VR management and direct service delivery positions coupled with employment in private rehabilitation and forensic settings. She retired as Professor of Rehabilitation Counselor Education after 20 years of  teaching.

 WHY NAMRC:"NAMRC gave me a voice when others either ignored or tried to silence my focus on diversity issues."


FUN FACT:  Brenda enjoys preparing Hello Fresh meals with her hubby as her sous-chef.​



Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 1.14.53 PM.png

L. Robert McConnell

Board Member at Large (Jan 2023-Dec 2024)

Legislative & Governance Co-Chair


Bob is serving his second term as a Board Member at Large. Bob is one of the founding members of the Board in 1992, when NAMRC was established as a national division of NRA and was an active member of NAMRC's predecessor, the Council of Non-White Rehabilitation Workers since the early 1980’s.

Bob is a retired Division Director in Michigan VR Agency and more recently retired Assistant Professor in Public Administration at Western Michigan University.


WHY NAMRC: ​"I have witnessed the impact that NAMRC can have on programs and professionals, especially professionals of color, throughout the rehabilitation community."​


​​FUN FACT: Bob enjoys crossword and Sudoku puzzles and making puns.


Presentation Headshot.JPG

Cheryl Andrews 

Board Member at Large (Jan 2024-Dec 2025)

Membership & Coalition Building Chair

2024 Conference Co-Chair

Cheryl  is serving her second term on the NAMRC Board and also  chairs the Membership & Coalition Committee.

Cheryl provides clinical supervision in private practice at C. Richardson Counseling and Consulting, PLLC. Cheryl specializes in working with individuals, groups, and corporations in the capacity of a group facilitator. She also provides workshops and training on overcoming various mental health barriers to being successful at work. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision from Walden University.


WHY NAMRC:"I am passionate about NAMRC's mission."

FUN FACT:  Cheryl is the oldest child and likes to travel. She has visited over a dozen countries and three continents.


Untitled design (1).png

Karen L. Caldwell


Board Member at Large (Jan 2024-Dec 2025)

Membership & Coalition Building Co-Chair


​​Karen is serving her first term on the NAMRC Board and has been a member of NAMRC since 2017. Karen currently serves as Hospitality Chair for the 2024 Conference. Karen is currently a Senior Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant at The Dearborn Group.

WHY NAMRC: "I align with NAMRC because it is the leading organization in the Rehabilitation Counseling industry that empowers diversity, equity, and inclusion."

​​FUN FACT: Karen is avid blogger and enjoys fine dining and pilates.


Mercado image.jpg

Fidencio ‘Fito’ Mercado

Board Member at Large (Jan 2024-Dec 2025)

Professional Development Co-Chair


​Fito is serving his first term on the NAMRC Board and serves on the Professional Development Committee. Although Fidencio recently became a member of NAMRC, he has supported NAMRC through attendance and participation at the annual conference for the past three years.

Fito is a Clinical Associate Professor and Interim Director for the School of Rehabilitation Services & Counseling at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV). Fito is also completing his doctoral studies in Educational Leadership with a concentration in Higher Education Administration.


WHY NAMRC: "After attending the annual conference for several years, I was motivated to join and help NAMRC carry out its mission to effect change through education, research, and advocacy."


FUN FACT:  Fito likes to collect sports cards and now shares the hobby with his son.



Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 1.13.09 PM.png

DeAnna Wilson
h.D.,  NCC, CRC

Board Member at Large (Jan 2023-Dec 2024)


DeAnna has returned to the  Board of Directors. DeAnna has been a  NAMRC member for over a decade and has served as Interim President, Executive Board Member, and NAMRC Representative to the NRA Board. DeAnna is also the 2020 Past President for the NRA.

DeAnna currently works as the Academic Coordinator for Pre-Practicum and Residency at Walden  University.  Previously, she served as the COO of The Neighborhood House and most recently as Dean for the College of Graduate, Adult, and Continuing Education at Wilberforce University.


WHY NAMRC: ​"My passion is to help create a more equitable world. My work with NAMRC allows me to work within my identified passion by addressing the social justice needs of the rehabilitation community."

​​​FUN FACT:  DeAnna is adventurous and loves to travel to new places, especially countries with beautiful beaches.



PHOTO NAMRC_edited.jpg

Abdoulaye Diallo
Ph.D.,  CRC

Board Member at Large (Jan 2023-Dec 2024)


Abdoulaye is currently serving his first term on the Board of Directors. He has been a longstanding member of NAMRC. 

Abdoulaye is an Associate Professor of Rehabilitation Counseling at Northern Illinois University. He offers more than 25 years of experience in the disability field, including 18 years of practical experience, and 11 years of teaching experience, working extensively with undergraduate and graduate students and clients from diverse racial, ethnic, cultural and disability population.

WHY NAMRC: "I am passionate about NAMRC because of its focus on promoting cultural diversity and disability though advocacy."

​​FUN FACT:  Abdoulaye says that it is not uncommon for him to get up at night when his family members are sleeping and help himself to a peanut butter sandwich and milk!



headshot Becton.png

Alicia Brown Becton

Board Member at Large (Jan 2024-Dec 2025)


Alicia is  currently serving her first term on the Board of Directors. She as worked with NAMRC for over a decade.


She currently serves as a Department Chair and continues to engage in counseling and supervision when time permits. Dr. Becton has a rich and diverse background in mental health services and administrative roles within various agencies. Her experience, spanning over two decades, reflects a deep commitment to serving stigmatized populations, including the Black community, persons with disabilities, and individuals in recovery.

WHY NAMRC: "NAMRC's mission resonates with my passion for advocating for marginalized and stigmatized groups, particularly individuals who are Black and people with disabilities."

​​FUN FACT:  Alicia has over 200 elephant figurines from various places worldwide.



Photo of Susan -McElroyEXE-067-2library.jpg

Susan Rapant

Board Member at Large (May 2024-Dec 2025)


Susan is returning to the NAMRC Board having previously served in 2019-2020. She has been a member of the Legislative and Governance committee since 2019. She is the 2018 recipient of the NAMRC T.K. Bridges Practitioner Award, honoring her exemplary service to persons with disabilities from culturally diverse backgrounds.


In 2000, Susan established Rapant-McElroy & Associates, a private vocational rehabilitation consulting firm in Houston, Texas. She continues to maintain an active caseload and serves as an expert witness in the field of vocational rehabilitation. She has had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of evaluees and performs international labor market research for ligation purposes.


WHY NAMRC: ​"Racism exists, and I have never wanted to be part of the problem, so I choose to educate myself and spend time being part of a solution."

​​​FUN FACT:  Susan enjoys Pilates, yoga, and buying shoes.



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