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21 Day Disability Challenge

“Whether you are a person with a disability, know someone with a disability, or have simply seen people with disabilities, we probably all have an idea what we think it means to have a disability.”

To support our mission and spread awareness and advocate for equity in our communities, NAMRC wanted to show our support by promoting the knowledge shared verbiage as it surrounds the disabled community. During the 21-Day challenge on Disability equity, each day they will highlight different resources and topic to promote and enhance knowledge around the experiences of disabled persons.

Day 1 : Introduction to Disability Justice

Did you know that disabled people makes up the largest marginalized group?

Click here to read more and take the Day 1 Challenge.

Day 2: Disability Language

Are you speaking in a way that recognizes identity over disability? Did you each

member of the disabled community may have a preference ?

Click below to read more about the Day 2 Challenge and see how you can change

your verbiage to become more inclusive.

Day 3: From Awareness to Acceptance

Did you know that there are 3 different models of viewing disability?

Click below to learn more and complete the Day 3 Challenge.

Day 4: Disability and the Media

Representation matters! Challenge yourself by clicking below to learn more about the.

challenge of representational equity as it pertains to the disabled community.

Day 5: Disability Inspiration

“Inspiration Porn” is a term used to describe the exploitation of disabled individuals by

Non- disabled individuals. Take the Day 5 Challenge and read more about how you.

can avoid placing others inside these exploitive scenarios.

Day 6: Ableism

Ableism is the belief system that tells us it is better to be non-disabled rather than disabled. Click here to learn about the many levels and categories of ableism.

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